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2nd: Howell Camped Out

Howell remained in his primary locale all day, even though the vast majority of his action occurred during the early morning. “I buckled down and stayed on it and fished it hard all day,” he said. “I learned a little bit more about the area just by making so many casts. “I can catch them [...]

Howell 2nd on Clear Lake

Howell has been fearful of vacating his area, allowing other competitors to work it and like Velvick, has been playing defense. He has been switching up between two baits, a 10-inch cut tail worm and a football jig. Those produced 14 bites, which included an 8-pounder that ended up coming off at the boat.   [...]

3rd: Howell Struck Quickly

Howell did the majority of his damage before 9:00 and then added one 5-pounder on a swimbait this afternoon. “I was hoping I could catch them on this one spot I found yesterday,” he said. “I knew they were stacked up there, and everything worked right and I caught them pretty quick.” He said the [...]