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Professional angler touts King’s Home

By CHRISTINE BOATWRIGHT / Staff Writer CHELSEA – Professional angler Randy Howell shook hands, signed autographs and promoted King’s Home at a meet-and-greet at Chelsea’s Johnny Rays Sept. 6. As King’s Home’s spokesman, Howell emblazoned the organization on his Triton Boats-Mercury Marine tour boat named “Hope II,” which he is raffling off to raise money [...]

Randy Howell’s Pattern, Baits & Gear on Oneida

Randy Howell has been to Oneida Lake enough in his career that he was sure he had enough fish to run to if he got in a pinch no matter the conditions. He even paid the lake a visit before it went off limits just to get a feel for how it was fishing this [...]

Oneida Lake Patterns 2-5: Howell Mixed It Up; Rest Were Droppin’, Flippin’, Skippin’

By Todd Ceisner BassFan Editor Oneida Lake was a different animal this summer, especially for the Bassmaster Elite Series pros who’d fished it before. The lake was down a bit due to the dry summer in the northeast and grass throughout the lake was thick and plentiful, giving the largemouth ample cover to hole up [...]