Meet Randy

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Hometown:  Guntersville, AL
Birthdate:  September 25, 1973
Family:  Robin (wife) and Laker (son) Oakley (son)
Goals:  Win Angler of the Year And The Classic (check)

Personal Stuff

Favorite Food:  Ribeye steak and sushi
Favorite Music:  Contemporary Christian
Favorite Book/Movie:  The Bible – “that’s my favorite book by far”
Non-Angling Hero:  Bill Morgan – “He’s the man who started Hawg Caller spinnerbaits, he started the whole crankbait craze in North Carolina, and he mentored David Fritts and Hank Parker and lot of other guys, and did the same for me.”
When Not Fishing:  “I like to play basketball and hunt with my boys, go to church and hang with family.”
Why He Fishes:  “I just love it. I’ve always done it ever since I was old enough to walk. I still get so excited every time a catch a fish. My hands still shake.”

Angling Stuff

Angling Hero:  “Rick Clunn, Larry Nixon and Guido Hibdon have helped me, been nice to me and treated me with respect even when I was just starting out.”
Favorite Lakes:  “Oneida Lake in the north and Lake Guntersville in the south”
Least Favorite Lakes:  “I don’t have a least favorite anymore, every lake that has bass is good for me!”
Favorite Technique:  Sight-fishing
Primary Fishing Strength:  Shallow cranking
Secondary Fishing Strength:  Versatility
Boat:  Triton
Motor:  Mercury
Electronics:  Lowrance
Batteries:  Odyssey
Hard Baits:  Livingston Lures
Soft Baits:  Yamamoto
Wire Baits:  Lunker Lure
Rod and Reels:  Daiwa
Fishing Line:  Gamma
Fishing Hooks:  Daiichi
Outerwear:  Frogg Toggs
Apparel:  Scales Gear
Charity:  King's Home
Cooler:  Pelican
Kayak:  Wilderness