Q & A With Randy Howell

I had the pleasure of listening to Elite Series Pro Randy Howell address a group of local high school anglers last night.  We met in the Thompson High School auditorium for a couple hours and talked a little bit about life, education, and of course fishing.  If you’ve never met Randy you should make it a point to attend one of his events.  He’s a shining example of an angler, family man, and christian.  He wears his faith on his sleeve.  Toward the end of the night he took questions from those in attendance.  Here are a few…….

What do you turn to when the water gets so cold that fish seem to stop eating?

I usually approach it completely different from what you might think.  Rather than downsizing and slowing down.  I may go super shallow and throw reaction baits.  It seems like there are always a few fish holding on to that last little bit of warmer water, especially if the sun has been out.  Always have a lipless crankbait ready to go in these conditions.  I’ve caught plenty of big fish burning a rattle trap in the dead of winter.


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